We are re-opening!

We are very happy to let you know that the Art Gallery of Ballarat will open to the public once again from 1 July, after being closed for nearly three months. 

For those who have visited us before, the experience of visiting the Gallery will be a little different from what you are used to, so we would like to share with you and first-time visitors all that you need to know before you come. 

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Stay at home if you are unwell


Use hand sanitiser


Maintain physical distance


Follow the path


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Conditions of entry 

Firstly, entry to the Gallery will be with a ticket which will allow you to come in to see our ground floor exhibitions at a specific time and for one hour only. We have put this in place so that we can space visitors out – we will have no more than 50 visitors in the Gallery at any one time so that we can ensure physical distancing. 

When you have decided what time you want to come to the Gallery, you will need to register online for a ticket. When you register, we’ll ask for your contact details, which is very important in the very unlikely event of a COVID outbreak. We promise we won’t use these details for another purpose. 

Tickets are free of change and are available from the link below. 

We want to make sure your visit to the Gallery is both safe and happy, so we have put measures in place in line with the guidelines laid down by the Chief Medical Officer. 

If you are suffering from any flu-like symptoms, such as a sore throat or a high temperature, you will need to defer your visit to the Gallery until you are well enough to come. 

We ask that you to enter the building through the McCain Annexe from Police Lane. 

When it is your allotted time to enter the Gallery, we will ask you to join a queue, keeping an appropriate distance from other guests and our staff. 

Please plan to arrive not more than five minutes before the start time on your ticket, as you will not be able to enter before this time. And please don’t be late – we will not be able to let you into the Gallery as staff will be busy managing the visitors already in the exhibitions, so it is very important that you be in the Annexe at the time stated on your ticket. 

We have two exhibitions for you to visit and we will ask you to follow a specific route through them. The first exhibition you will experience is Stagecraft by Ballarat-born, London-based artist David Noonan and the second is Strange ways by Melbourne-based artist Anne WallaceMore exhibitions will open at the start of August. The collection display on the upper floor of the Gallery will not be open until further notice. 

While you are in the Gallery, we ask you to be aware of the need to keep an appropriate distance from other visitors, following the rule of one person per four square metres. 

And while our Gallery shop will not be open yet, we have added more to our online shop. You can browse our online shop here. 

We are sad that we have had to close our very popular Art Play space – there is just no way we could run that complying to the safety guidelines. The good news is thatonce it is safe to do so, we will be setting up a mobile Art Play activity, which can beset up in different parts of the Gallery. 


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