Early start


The first Wednesday of the month
10 am – 11.30 am

Early Start is an exciting program which introduces very young children to the Gallery environment for experiences which are both fun and creative. All young children from babes in arms to pre-schoolers are welcome.

During 2021, Early Start will be offered on the first Wednesday of each month.

Join a fun session in the Gallery itself, looking at images and themes in the art around you, creating artworks in response to what you see, and discovering some great tips on engaging with your child through art.

Tickets are $5 for all children 2 years and over. To claim tickets for Adults and children under 2, apply the ticket code ‘free’.

Dates for 2021:
Wednesday 3 March
Wednesday 7 April
Wednesday 5 May
Wednesday 2 June
Wednesday 7 July
Wednesday 4 August
Wednesday 1 September
Wednesday 6 October
Wednesday 3 November
Wednesday 1 December

$5 per child over two years. Adult and child under two free.

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