Dates: Sat 25 April - Sun 31 May
Times: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Locations: Timken Gallery
Admission: Free

Life after art school can be challenging. Real life and the necessity of working and paying off mortgages, for example, can dampen artistic ambitions. This exhibition celebrates the works of graduates of the University of Ballarat, now Federation University Australia, who have continued with their artistic practices despite the difficulties and constraints of day to day life.

This diverse exhibition spans thirty years of graduates from the University’s art schools, including artists working in a range of mediums including ceramics, drawing, painting, scultpure, and digital art. Artists represented in the exhibition are Kim Anderson, Phil Berry, Amy Devereux, Peter Georgakis, Tarli Glover, Debbie Hill, Dianne Jacono, Nerina Lascelles, Ash Lieb, Bren Luke, Ronnie McKeegan, Suzanne McRae, Darren Newby, John O’Loughlin, Melissa Peacock, Kat Pengelly, Travis Price, Kiri Smart, Emma Stoneman, Peter Thomas and Shane Van Den Akker.


Artist: John O’Loughlin

Title: 1788 Boat People with own Lifeboat

Date of Production: 2014

Medium: Ceramic

Credit Details: Courtesy of the artist


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