Faridah Cameron


The skills of making and mending with thread and yarn were among the first things Faridah Cameron learnt, and for her drawing, writing and stitch are closely associated. Cameron’s paintings are constructed by means of repetitious mark-making, often running from left to right, which has become a form of personal calligraphy. The resultant images sometimes resemble textile, and sometimes text.

Cameron has been developing her technique her entire career, continuously working to perfect it.  Her secret lies in using plastic bags of paint to pipe the intricate thread-like lines.

Cameron has held numerous successful solo exhibition in Tasmania. In addition to this she is represented in many private collections in Australia and overseas, including the Holmes à Court Collection and Tasmanian Office of Heritage and Archives.

‘The thread-like application of paint becomes a metaphor for connecting, making, repairing. As with stitch, simplicity accumulates towards complexity. As with text, marks evolve towards meaning. There are many threads to be followed’ – Faridah Cameron.

Faridah Cameron is represented by Handmark Gallery, Tasmania.


Fri 21 Sep – Tues 6 Nov
Open 10am – 5pm daily


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