Jason Benjamin, You know why you came here dont you? 2001


Flowers have been used in art for centuries as symbols of emotions and qualities as well as for their aesthetic propertiesFrom the first appearance of the lotus in early Egyptian papyrus and hieroglyphics they have remained a popular subject- from their use in religious paintings to symbolise the Virgin, to rich Dutch still lifes that reflect on death and mortality, to botanical drawings that span art and science to the painterly sunflowers and waterlilies of Vincent van Gogh and Claude Monet to Andy Warhol’s pop art blooms to contemporary works that engage with environmental issues. 

The Ballarat Begonia Festival is an innovative garden-based horticultural festival that showcases Ballarat’s natural assets including a unique and rare collection of Begonias. 

 In season is a display of flower and plant themed works from the Art Gallery of Ballarat Collection in conjunction with the Ballarat Begonia Festival including works by highly regarded Australian artists Criss Canning and Jason Benjamin.

Image: Jason Benjamin, You know why you came here, don’t you?, 2001 (detail). oil on canvas. Gift of the artist, 2001. Collection of the Art Gallery of Ballarat © The estate of Jason Benjamin


5 March–11 April 2021
Open 10 am–1 pm & 2 pm–5 pm daily

Selected works

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