Peter Daverington, The raft of the clan, 2017–18. oil on canvas. 260 x 396 cm. Collection of Robert House © Peter Daverington



This exhibition contains material that deals with child abuse, sexual abuse and the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

The exhibition includes some depictions of people and organisations who have been named, charged and/or convicted in connection with child sexual abuse.

We encourage visitors to attend this exhibition with a family member, friend or support person. The Ballarat Centre Against Sexual Assault (CASA) are able to provide supported visits to this exhibition. Please contact them on (03) 5320 3933 to arrange a supported visit.

Out of the darkness: A survivor’s journey is an exhibition of works collected, commissioned and curated by Robert House, a survivor of institutional child sexual abuse. House has employed determination and resilience to become an advocate for survivors, and work towards a more just society. 

House has a passion for art and is convinced of its ability to represent the complexity of the trauma and other emotions experienced by survivors. He sees art as a vehicle to challenge deeply entrenched power structures within society and uses art as a form of activism against injustice, particularly regarding the safety and protection of children. His collection reflects his personal journey, carrying the message that the voices of survivors should be heard and responded to with compassion and understanding. 

The exhibition tackles the issues of the trauma experienced by survivors of child sexual abuse and the need for compassion and support within the community for people dealing with the consequences. It shows how art can be used both as a way of processing trauma and as a form of activism against injustice. 

Out of the darkness includes works by Dale Cox, Peter Daverington, John Forrest, Doug Heslop, Kelly Hussey-Smith, Kaff-eine, Scott Marsh, James Money, Elizabeth Moore Golding, Sassy Park, Michael Peck, Rodney Pople and Marcus Wills. 

This exhibition is a manifestation of one survivor’s journey, one story among the many thousands that could be told.  

Continuous Voices: 

Ballarat is recognised as one of the main communities in Australia where institutional child abuse took place and the city continues to feel its impact. The Art Gallery of Ballarat is part of Continuous Voices, a community-led project working towards creating a permanent memorial space in Ballarat to acknowledge all survivors of sexual assault and sexual abuse and those who are no longer with us. If you would like to find out more about the work being undertaken by Continuous Voices, please contact artsculture@ballarat.vic.gov.au or visit creativeballarat.com.au/continuosvoices


1 May–1 August 2021
Open 10 am–5 pm daily


Please come back to see the public programs which will be presented in association with this exhibition.

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