Peter Wegner with his winning work - Three Days with E.M


Sat 9 Jul – Sun 2 Oct

I hope that this prize gives people one more reason to keep drawing on paper… the most direct and intimate expression of an artist’s sensibility.

Rick Amor

The Rick Amor Drawing Prize for small drawings was instituted by artist Rick Amor to promote the practice of drawing among Australia’s proferssional artists.  The biannual acquisitive award is worth $12,000.

The medium of drawing embraces a wide range of different approaches both in terms of subject matter and in terms of mode of execution. This year’s Prize exhibition embraces landscape and figurative drawing; narrative imagery and abstracts. Some works are highly finished, while others show the artist in the spontaneous act of creation, where the hand is rendering what the eye is seeing at a given moment.

Winner Rick Amor Drawing Prize 2016

This year’s Prize has been won by Melbourne artist Peter Wegner for his triptych, Three Days with E.M, a triptych executed using pencil and beeswax on rag paper. For Wegner, the drawings are as much about the documentation of friendship as they are about the humanity of ageing.

“Drawn after E.M entered palliative care, these three drawings are a way of saying good bye and at the same time reflecting  on the fragility of life.”

The Judge for this year’s Prize, Melbourne-based artist and teacher artist Nick Mourtzakis, said that many drawings in the exhibition were compelling, particularly because of the significant relationship that the subject held for the artist and the meanings that are therefore embodied in the works.

“The immediate experience of a work is always disarming, regardless of the work’s pedigree or degree of accomplishment. When looking at drawing, where the identity of the maker is present in a particularly distinct form, the intensity of the encounter can be alarming. As in all such encounters, one can walk away and hopefully try to forget.

“This drawing by Peter Wegner, in a most poignant way, brings us into a vulnerable proximity with the suffering other.”

Rick Amor Drawing Prize 2016 Finalists

Peter Aldrich, Matthew Allen, Tony Ameneiro, Garry Anderson, Kim Anderson, Jane Ansted, Stephen Armstrong, Sophie Balchin, Tina Barahanos, John Bokor, Paul Borg, Eolo Paul Bottaro, Julie Bradley, Glenys Bryant, Michele Burder, Loris Button, Tanya Chaly, Abby Chambers, Tracey Choyce, Janis Clarke, Richard Collins, William Collins, Samuel Rush Condon, Tony Costa, Pilar De la Torre, Mark Dober, Shay Downer, Adele Dubarry, Corrigan Fairbairn, David  Fairbairn, Robert Fenton, Sally Fitts, Yanni Floros, Josh Foley, Xavier Ghazi, Tarli Glover, Jody Graham, Ginny Grayson, Craig Harrison, Debbie Hill, Virginia Hodgkinson, Chris Hooper, Amber-rose Hulme, Ellie Johnson, Gabrielle Jones, Tim Jones, Dena Kahan, Jo Katsiaris, Deborah Klein, Steve Lopes, Rebekka Lord-Johnson, Lily Mae Martin, Terry Matassoni, Victoria Mayayo, Emma McDowell, Tom McMahon, Ceara Metlikovec, James Money, John Pastoriza Piñol, Vicki Sullivan, Sherna Teperson, Howard Tweedie, Peter Wegner, Fiona West and Paul White.


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