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Make your own animal

Use cardboard objects from around your home or classroom to construct an animal sculpture inspired by the Bruce Armstrong sculpture Tyger 

Bruce Armstrong, Tyger Inspired by Bruce Armstrong, Tyger, 1984. red gum. Hugh Williamson Emerging Artist Prize, 1984. Collection of the Art Gallery of Ballarat
AGB kids activity: Tyger
AGB Kids activity: Blowin in the wind

Explore colours and shapes

Create an abstract landscape/gardenscape with coloured pastels, inspired by the painting Tracks by Stanislaus Rapotec.

Stanislaus Rapotec, Tracks Inspired by Stanislaus Rapotec, Tracks, 1956. oil on composition board. Gift of Jerry van Beek. Collection of the Art Gallery of Ballarat

Make a

Create a disguise inspired by The masquerader by Ballarat-born artist Hilda Rix Nicholas.

Hilda Rix Nicholas The masquerader Hilda Rix Nicholas 'The masquerader' circa 1913. oil on canvas. Purchased, 1977
AGB Kids - Disguises
AGB Kids: Printing shapes

Have fun with printing

Use geometric shapes and contrasting colours to create your own print inspired by Dorrit Blacks linocut print Wings. 

Dorrit Black, Wings Dorrit Black, Wings, 1927–28. linocut on paper. Purchased 1976. Collection of the Art Gallery of Ballarat

Make a sculpture together

Create a collaborative wall pattern using shapes inspired by Donna Marcus’ wall sculpture Teamwork 2. Work as a team with a family member, friend or classmate to create your artwork.

Donna Marcus, Teamwork 2 Donna Marcus 'Teamwork 2' 2001. aluminium and plastic. Purchased, 2003
Installation view of Donna Marcus 'Teamwork 2001

Paint a view from your window

Paint your own scene looking out of your lounge room interior inspired by Grace Cossington Smith’s painting Interior onto the garden.

Grace Cossington Smith, Interior onto the garden Grace Cossington Smith, Interior onto the garden, 1960 oil on board. Purchased, 1961. Collection of the Art Gallery of Ballarat. © Estate of Grace Cossington Smith

Make a pirate ship

Inspired by Sally Smart’s work The Exquisite Pirate (Eureka), turn household scraps into your very own pirate ship.

Sally Smart, The Exquisite Pirate (Eureka) Sally Smart, The Exquisite Pirate (Eureka), 2017. synthetic polymer paint & ink on canvas & textile, embroidery with multiple collage elements. Commissioned with funds from the Colin Hicks Caldwell and Lois Valerie Sheldon Bequests, 2017. Collection of the Art Gallery of Ballarat

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