Stanislaus Rapotec Tracks, 1956 oil on composition board Gift of Jerry van Beek. Collection of the Art Gallery of Ballarat

AGB Kids:

Look closely at the painting Tracks by Stanislaus Rapotec.

What shapes can you find?

Why do you think this painting is called Tracks?

How many colours can you count?

Have you seen windmills like these?

Have you seen the windfarm windmills?

Where do you think Stanislaus painted this?

Inspired by

Stanislaus Rapotec

Tracks, 1956

oil on composition board

Gift of Jerry van Beek

Activity: Draw a landscape

Draw an abstract landscape with oil pastels

Art element: Shape, colour, line

Art principle: Emphasis, balance, unity

What you’ll need

  • Paper
  • Grey lead pencil
  • Thick black marker or oil pastel
  • Oil pastels


  1. Look around the area you live. What can you see in the landscape around you that you would like to represent? You could draw your house, the powerlines in your street or even one of your toys.
  2. Prepare your design – lightly draw the outlines of the shapes with pencil. Don’t forget to include lines that create detail too.
  3. Go over the outlines with a thick black marker or oil pastel to make them thick and bold.
  4. Using bright bold colours, colour the shapes in with the oil pastels.

About the artist

When he was young, Stanislaus Rapotec was caught up in wars – his family had to move countries after the First World War, and then he fought against the Germans army in the Second World War.

As a young man, he worked in a bank and developed his skills as an artist in his spare time. After he moved to Australia, he eventually settled in Sydney, where he became a member of the Sydney 9 artist group who were known for their abstract art. Later in life he went back and painted across Europe.

About the artwork

In Tracks, Rapotec has used strong dark brush lines combined with bright colours to create a stylised landscape of roads, windmills and paddocks. He has chosen his design and has then used strong black lines to outline his composition before using colour to emphasis the shapes.



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