Students and use the Gallery collection as a window into Australian art and history from colonial to contemporary eras. View and discuss artworks relating to early exploration, expanding settlement, the goldfields, national identity and the environment.

Goldfields and the Eureka rebellion

Years 5–12.

One and a half or two hours

Immerse yourself in the 1850s with this fun and interactive program that challenges students to understand the cultural and political climate of the goldfields. Students engage with works of art to gain insights and discuss what it was like on the Ballarat diggings. After a tour, they then take part in the Eureka Hall of Debate, a role-play activity designed to gain a deeper understanding of the issues, events and outcomes associated with the Eureka rebellion of 1854, including political rights, democracy and social justice.

Complement this program with the watercolour workshop relating to the art of S. T. Gill

Member schools: $5.50 per student
Non-member schools: $8.80 per student

Eureka Hall of Debate

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