Artworks are used as basis for interdisciplinary learning, to encourage creative and critical thinking and as inspiration for art making projects. The Arts Industry workshop focuses on collecting, conserving and presenting artworks in a public gallery.

Stories in art

Kindergarten & Prep–Year 2.

One hour

Students engage in this fun and creative introduction to the collection through storytelling, looking closely at and talking about art. Guided by the Gallery Educators, students explore different stories in artworks and identify the key art elements. They take part in a ‘seek and find’ and drawing activities.

Talk and write about art

Years 3–10.

One or two hours

Students explore and respond to a range of artworks from representational to Expressionist, abstract and contemporary. They select a favourite to discuss, draw and write about. Gallery visual analysis worksheets can be used as a reference to assist students.

The Arts Industry

Recommended for VCE Art and Studio Art

Unit 4: Outcome 3
What is the role of a public gallery? How does it function? Students learn about curating, presenting and promoting exhibitions and conserving artworks.

As an optional extension, students can take part in The Making of an Exhibition study day, where Gallery staff share what goes into preparing and presenting one of the current exhibitions.


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