Nyirram turt-barram Indigenous program

Nyirram turt-barram Indigenous program 

Learn about Nyirram turt-barram (the morning star) dreamtime story with local Wadawurrung artist Deanne Gilson.   

Join Deanne and the AGB Education team to explore the culture and stories of the Wadawurrung people and the AGB Indigenous art collection. Students will participate in ochre-painting workshops and learn about Wadawurrung history prior to and post colonisation.  

This popular program can be adapted to suit participants from Kinder through to adult education. Dates and times are subject to artist availability. 

Please enquire about cultural training workshops .

Level: K-Tertiary

Curriculum Links:

Visual Arts:
 Explore and Express Ideas, Visual Arts Practices, Present and Perform, Respond and Interpret 

3-4 Historical Knowledge 
Community, Remembrance and CelebrationsFirst contacts 

 7-8 Historical Knowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait and Islander Peoples and Cultures 

Intercultural capability  

  • Duration: 2 hour
    (max 50 students)
  • Flat rate $400
  • Virtual program
    (max 50 students)
    Flat rate $400

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