Becoming Modern: Australian Women Artists 1920-1950, 2019
178 pages

During the early decades of the 20th century, women were becoming more visible in the arts in Australia than ever before. Increased access to art schools meant that more women artists were becoming professional artists, showing their work and achieving exposure through publications such as Art in Australia and its sister publication The Home.

Although the art world in Australia was still dominated by men and women artists were still subject to prejudice from their male counterparts and critics, women became renowned for their bold and groundbreaking use of colour, line and form and bright new approaches to the depiction of Australian themes.

The early 20th century was also an era of travel which saw many women travelling to Europe to study at forward-thinking art schools in London and Paris and other cities. As a result, they played a key role in introducing concepts such as Post-Impressionism, Abstraction and Modernism to Australian audiences.

Becoming Modern is a celebration of the tenacity and innovation of Australian women artists. It features works by over forty artists, including Margaret Preston, Grace Crowley, Thea Proctor and Grace Cossington Smith. This stunning exhibition is an opportunity to view rarely-seen works from the Gallery’s collection, including paintings, prints, drawings and ceramics.

The exhibition, drawn from the collection of the Art Gallery of Ballarat, celebrates the innovation and tenacity of women artists in the early part of the 20th century. This catalogues features almost 100 full colour reproductions and essays by Art Gallery of Ballarat Director Louise Tegart and Curator Julie McLaren.

Design by Ben Cox.

ISBN 9780648458029

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