Kevin Lincoln: The Eyes Mind, 2016

This exhibition surveys the career of contemporary Australian artist Kevin Lincoln, focussing on the evolution of over some twenty-five years of mature and critically acclaimed work, from around 1990 to the present. Lincoln’s work concentrates on the exploration of form, reading a path between representation and abstraction and working to transform surface appearances into something distilled and stilled. His pictorial language is nuanced, elegiac, meditative and quietly seductive. Landscapes are often shrouded in melancholy where his still-life paintings can be sharp and witty: his work evokes a mood of reflection.

The exhibition includes a diverse range of work, from the intimacy of sketchbook drawings to the commanding mystery of large often multi-panelled paintings, giving visitors the privileged opportunity to study this very distinctive artist’s engagement with the world and to discover his way of thinking and seeing and its varying manifestations on paper and canvas.
With a distinguished professional career spanning over forty years Kevin Lincoln’s paintings, prints and drawings are held in collections of Australian state and regional galleries, including the National Gallery of Australia, the National Gallery of Victoria and The Art Gallery of New South Wales.

An Art Gallery of Ballarat exhibition jointly curated by independent curator Elizabeth Cross and Gallery Director Gordon Morrison.

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