Fine silver brooch by Louiseann King

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‘My name is Death, Cannot you see?’ is a momento mori in the tradition of medieval objects offering the opportunity for reflection on our mortality and the transience of life.

Louiseanne King travelled to Mexico in 2004 to celebrate Dias De Los Muertos in Mixquic — a very traditional small town south west of Mexico City. Mixquic combines the solemn commemoration of All Saints Day and All Souls Day at San Andres Apostol with the traditional, spectacular Aztec rites of ancestor worship including the ofrenda (offering) placed on the grave and the magical cempasuchitl flor de muerto (marigold) pathways constructed from the grave to the home so that the dead may find their way home.

“I went to Mixquic expecting to celebrate Dias De Los Muertos and found what was really being celebrated was life itself. In acknowledging death and living companionably with those who have died, the people of Mixquic were completely alive. In Mixquic I found discarded a little plastic skeleton that I tucked into my pocket.”

My name is Death, Cannot you see. is a pure silver cast of this little discarded skeleton made into a brooch to wear to acknowledge ones’ own mortality and that of others so that one can truly live.

The silver skeleton nestles back into his/her black pine coffin to rest.

Fine silver brooch by Louiseann King — 58 x 18 x 10mm (approx.)
Black pine coffin by Kristian King – 95 x 45 x 20mm (approx.)

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