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Not for self but for all tells the fascinating story of the establishment of the Art Gallery of Ballarat in 1884 by a passionate group of Ballarat citizens and its evolution to become Australia’s most engaging regional gallery.

The development of the Gallery and its collection over 135 years has been made possible by the continuous support of members of the Gallery Association, which founded the Gallery and continued to own and operated it for nearly 100 years. Since 1978, when Ballarat’s City Council took over the running of the Gallery, the Association has acted as a key supporter, providing a way for members of the community to be closely involved with the life of the Gallery.

The author, noted historian Dr Anne Begg-Sunter has been a key member of the Gallery Association, and was its first female President. She served as Secretary of the Association for 23 years. Now she tells the story of the Gallery from the perspective of those people who made Australia’s largest and oldest regional gallery.

212 pages, 225 x 174 mm, flexi-bound cover, ISBN: 978-0-6481621-9-3

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