Romancing the Skull


Romancing the skull is not about Death: it is about Bones — head bones. It looks at the skull in art, asking the question ‘What is that draws people to the skull?’. It explodes with colourful and creative images from the worlds of political satire, contemporary art and pop culture, with a sidelong glance at medieval depictions of the skull as a reminder of mortality, and at the ways other cultures celebrate the skull and its use in Halloween and the Mexican Dia de Muertos.

Featuring essays by Gordon Morrison, Julie McLaren and Peter Freund, Romancing the Skull explores our fascination with the skull and how it is used as a symbol across genres, mediums and traditions.

Romancing the skull is a show that is about us all, and what lies beneath the skin.

paperback with slipcase
Fully illustrated in colour
276 pages, 275 x 210mm (portrait)
ISBN 978-0-6481621-1-7

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